The Future Is Here.

The Future Is Here.

BikeRadar posted a “first ride” video review of the 2017 TCR Advanced Pro Disc road bike, touting the composite road race bike as a forward thinking “bike of the future.”

In its video review, BikeRadar senior tech writer Matthew Allen says: “This TCR is an aggressive, good-looking, really well spec’d bike. So if you are in the market for a race bike with discs, I think you should probably give this one a look.”

Allen points out Giant’s expertise in carbon manufacturing as one of the reasons behind the TCR Advanced Pro Disc’s high-performance ride quality. “Giant are very much the masters of carbon,” he says.“They’re one of the only companies that, in-house, does all their own carbon production.”

Allen also appreciates the combination of the TCR’s aggressive racing performance with this bike’s all-new disc-brake technology—and other cutting-edge technologies including its SLR 1 Composite WheelSystem and Gavia SLR tubeless tires.

“This is a first for me,” Allen says. “This came out of the box set up fully tubeless with sealant and everything.”

view the full video here

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