What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is a government incentive to encourage employees to get to work by offering up to 42% off the cost of bikes from partner stores - like us!

How do I get a bike?

It’s easy! Follow the guidelines on the Cyclescheme website. If your employer is signed up to the scheme, just talk to us about the best bike and equipment for you, get a quote from us, get your certificate and bring it to us to exchange for your bike!

Get your bike with Cyclescheme & Spiral Cycles

For more information or to find out how to sign up if you are an employer, visit the main Cyclescheme website or feel free to contact us at the shop.

How much can I save?

With Cyclescheme, you can get a tax-free bike, which for most people means they save about 42% of the cost. Use the calculator on the Cyclescheme website to get a rough guide to how much you could save.

Burn calories, save CO2

Cycling to work helps you stay fit and healthy, burns a lot of calories, and reduces your carbon footprint too. Use the health calculator on the Cyclescheme website to find out how much by.

What happens at the end of the hire period?

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